Proportion of Balances to Credit Limits is Too High on Revolving Accounts

You were approved for $10,000 in credit, so why can’t you use it? You can, but understand that using too much of that available credit can lower your scores. That’s not a big problem, as long as you don’t anticipate opening a new credit account anytime soon.

“Proportion of Balances to Credit Limits is Too High” Credit Score Risk Factor Codes
Equifax 10
Experian 10
TransUnion 10
NextGen P5

If you have been told recently that your balances are too close to your credit limits, it is an indication that your lenders are concerned that you might be overextending yourself. It is not healthy to carry balances on too many accounts. Similarly, it is not advisable to use too much of your available credit on a single account.

Maxing out your credit cards is a dangerous situation. It means that you are teetering on the edge of a cliff. Over-the-limit fees can add to your required minimum payment, thereby increasing the chance that you will be unable to make your payment.

Even if you are no where near your credit limits, you may still lose points on your credit scores due to using too much of your available credit. Credit bureaus calculate a ratio of your debt balances in relation to your available credit. This is known as your credit utilization rate. Ideally, you should be using no more than 10% of your available credit.

Many financial experts will say that you can safely use up to 30% of your credit limits without any problems. According to Fair Isaac spokesperson Craig Watts, exceeding even 10% of your credit limits will begin to cost you precious points on your credit score.

Even if you pay your account off in full every month, your credit scores may drop when credit accounts report the higher balance. Of course, your scores will rebound whenever they report a zero balance.

If you have been denied new credit because your balances are too high compared to your credit limits, then you may need to seriously reconsider your financial situation. When a prospective lender is telling you that you are getting overextended, then the last thing you need is yet another credit account.

Instead, you need to examine your situation to see what can be done to lower your existing balances. If you are indeed already overextended, it is time to talk with a financial counselor to develop an action plan for getting out of debt. Otherwise, you are on a fast track to bankruptcy.

Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accounts is Code 10 on FICO-based credit scoring products. It is NextGen score Code P5.

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