Pennsylvania Electric Bill Assistance

Asking for help from one of these Pennsylvania electric bill assistance providers can mean much more than keeping your lights on. It can also save you from the extra costs associated with reconnection.

The power company may sometimes seem unfriendly when you are late with payments. They may even disconnect your power when you fall too far behind. Nonetheless, electric utilities are often one of the best sources of charitable assistance when you find it impossible to pay your power bill. Whether you are a Dominion Peoples, PECO, Penn Power, Pennsylvania Power & Light, or one of the other electricity providers in Pennsylvania, there is a charitable program that is partially funded by the utility company itself. Contact your power company to request more information on electric bill assistance for low income families.

While some help comes in the form of reduced future power bills, emergency help is also available. This can be especially valuable when you are facing a financial emergency that causes you to be unable to make your payments for a temporary period of time.

Federal funding is also available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP funds are distributed through local agencies that handle eligibility screening. The average benefit per Pennsylvania household is around $453 a year, making this a valuable benefit for lower income families.

To qualify, your household must be categorized as low income. While each state has different qualifications, Pennsylvania restricts benefits to households living below 160% of the federal poverty level. Pennsylvania authorities estimate that only about 40% of households eligible for electric bill assistance through the LIHEAP program actually apply for help.

Help is provided in two ways. Cash grants can be applied to winter electricity bills. Customers do not have to be in imminent danger of disconnection to be approved. If disconnection has been threatened through a notice, then crisis grants can be made to prevent a shut-off.

If you are experiencing financial problems, it can help to take advantage of electric bill assistance programs that keep your lights on. That money you just saved could go towards keeping your family fed or being able to make your car payment on time.

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Kenneth Long is President of Debtors Unite, Inc. as well as President and Vice Chairman for Vision Credit Education, Inc. He served as a regional coordinator for the North Carolina Saves campaign. Long co-founded the Wake EITC Coalition along with Family Resource Center of Raleigh.

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Long has achieved the Accredited Credit Counselor and Accredited Financial Counselor certifications through the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education. Long originally achieved the Certified Credit Counselor designation through the National Institute for Financial Education.

In addition to years of nonprofit leadership, Long has been an innovator in the field of volunteer tax return preparation programs. He assists volunteer associations and nonprofit organizations who seek to integrate credit counseling and asset-building programs with free personal income tax preparation. His approach to using free credit reports as both an incentive and a screening tool for placement into asset-building programs has been shared with members of the National Community Tax Coalition, the EITC-Carolinas Initiative of MDC, Inc. and nonprofit groups across the Carolinas.

Long assists members of our armed forces in the Carolinas, Iowa, Rhode Island, Georgia and Germany with financial readiness. Please support our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors!

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