How to Get Help with Rent in Indiana

Do you live in Indiana? Are you having trouble paying rent? Looking to get help? If so, you have come to the right place. Paying rent is one of the most important bills you will have to pay. However, with all of the expenses one has to make, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Especially with the way the economy is, it has become even harder to have and keep good finances. However, if you are having difficulty paying rent, you are not alone.

Thankfully, there are many different options you can consider to better your situation. One thing you can do is consider getting a roommate. If someone moves in, you will naturally share the expenses and it will cut your payment by half. Talk to a friend or family who may be interested. The good thing, of course, is that their bills will also be reduced so that is a perk to both sides!

Another option you can consider is to talk to your current landlord. If you talk to them and explain your situation, chances are you both can find a way to break the payments down or figure out a payment plan that works for both parties.

On the other hand if you would rather just consult your situation with a professional, that is an option too. You could talk to an organization who offers financial advice and guidance to those people and families who earn a low income and need assistance paying rent.

If you live in Indiana’s capital, Indianapolis, and would like to work with an organization to better your financial situation you can contact The Community Services Department. It is an in sate program and their contact number is 317-926-4357. Call them today and see what help and what options they can offer you to better your financial situation so you can pay your rent.

If you live in Indiana’s second most populated city, Fort Wayne, you can get in touch with Lake Township Trustee Allen County Organization of Rent Assistance. To contact them, call them at 260-625-1090. Each township trustee is commanded by the State of Indiana to provide rent assistance to eligible persons and families. Their organization usually provides emergency assistance with food, shelter, medical care and utilities.

Being in debt can most certainly take a toll on you and your family. It is important to keep your head up and analyze the situation so you can better the situation as soon as possible!

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca is from El Salvador and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After graduating from East Chapel Hill High School, she enrolled in Durham Technical Community College and will be transferring to a four year university to pursue her degree in sociology. She is hoping to major in sociology, and minor in Spanish.

Her first hand view of people taking out loans and trying to pay through their college education has sparked her interest into learning more about finance and how to manage it.

She enjoys working with people spending time with her family and friends, and learning about different cultures by traveling!
Andrea Saca