How to get Help with Rent in Hawaii

Aloha! Are you looking to get help with rent in Hawaii? Unlike other states, Hawaii offers many services to tenants to assist them with paying their bills. Nowadays, there are many people who are choosing to rent versus being homeowners. Homeowners are currently going through a tough time. Not many homeowners have bought a house within the last few years and have seen an increase in value. This is why rent can be a better choice.

It can be both confusing and difficult to not know what to do when you are having difficulty paying your rent. However, it is very important to get help as soon as you feel that you are falling into debt. Some of the main reasons people tend to fall behind in rent and bills are job loss, children, medical bills, and credit card debt. Unfortunately, for tenants this can even lead to eviction.

In the state of Hawaii one can find all kinds of pricing on apartments and homes. A great way to obtain help with your rent is to work with rental housing assistance who will facilitate paying rent and who will show you different ways and strategies to spend your money wisely and more efficiently.

One city where you can find rental housing assistance is in Honolulu. You can find programs that will give you the help you need to pay your rent of even emergency financial assistance for those low income persons in need. If you live in Honolulu and would like to take advantage of this service, you can call 808-536-7234 and get information in your area.

Another way you can get assistance with paying your rent in Hawaii is by working with an organization. Fortunately, Hawaii has thousands of non-profit organizations that will help you find financial assistance and advice along with even help paying rent.

One of these organizations is the Kalihi-Palama health center health care. It is located in Honolulu and it provides financial assistance as well as housing relocation and stabilization services to the individual in need. If you feel that they may be of assistance to you, you can contact their offices at 808-791-4545.

Luckily, there are not hundreds but thousands of different services that are offered to better your financial situation. No matter what part of Hawaii you live in, there is sure to be a non-profit agency that will be more than happy to guide you through tough times and facilitate your finance with rent!

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca is from El Salvador and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After graduating from East Chapel Hill High School, she enrolled in Durham Technical Community College and will be transferring to a four year university to pursue her degree in sociology. She is hoping to major in sociology, and minor in Spanish.

Her first hand view of people taking out loans and trying to pay through their college education has sparked her interest into learning more about finance and how to manage it.

She enjoys working with people spending time with her family and friends, and learning about different cultures by traveling!
Andrea Saca