How to Get Help with Rent in California

California has many different types of places you can live in. It is one of the few states to have mountains, beaches, sunny weather, and snow all in one! It is such a great place to live. Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and great shopping are few of the perks! However, with all of these wonderful aspects comes a price one has to pay. It is a very expensive place to live in.

When people are in debt, their first instinct is to try and get a loan. This is not a good option since it will only lead them into being deeper into debt.

California is a big state. Fortunately, there are many different places you can go to get the financial stability you need. These places are non-profit organizations that will guide you into a better financial path.

If you live in Los Angeles in southern California you can contact The Los Angeles Housing Department at 866-557-7368. The main office for the Los Angeles Housing Department is at the Garland Center. In this department, you will find Rent Stabilization.

This facility gives people stabilization for individuals and families in Los Angeles facing a temporary financial crisis. For people who lose their jobs, lose their means of transportation, or are waiting for government assistance, the choice between medicine, food or air conditioning can become a reality. That is why it is very important to not wait and take care of things before you get deeper in debt.

If you live farther south in San Diego California and need help with rent you can contact the San Diego Housing Commision by calling 619-231-9400.The San Diego Housing Commission provides rental assistance, home buyers assistance, state rental housing, and public housing. They will be sure to help you in this difficult time in any way they can.

Being in debt is always very difficult. It affects all parts of your life and it can be challenging to handle. Fortunately there are nonprofit organizations that will help you and guide you to free you of debt and help you with your rent!

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca is from El Salvador and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After graduating from East Chapel Hill High School, she enrolled in Durham Technical Community College and will be transferring to a four year university to pursue her degree in sociology. She is hoping to major in sociology, and minor in Spanish.

Her first hand view of people taking out loans and trying to pay through their college education has sparked her interest into learning more about finance and how to manage it.

She enjoys working with people spending time with her family and friends, and learning about different cultures by traveling!
Andrea Saca