How to Get Help with Rent in Arkansas

Arkansas is a beautiful state that offers great aspects of living on the mountains. It is an ideal place to live in if you like the outdoors. The Mississippi river is nearby and it is another great feature of Arkansas.

Arkansas most popular city is its capital, Little Rock. If you live in Little Rock, you may contact the Little Rock Department of Housing and Urban Development- AR Housing Assistance. To contact them, call 501-371-6825. This specific department specializes in homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program.

Another resource available to you if you live in Little Rock is the LRHA (Little Rock Housing Authority) The Housing Choice Voucher Program which was previously known as section 8 is currently one of the federal government’s major programs that helps families of low income get decent, safe, and sanitary housing. In the public housing program, LRHA is the landlord.

There are many strings attached when one buys a home. That is why it could be a smarter choice to rent instead. However, even when one is renting it can still be somewhat difficult to pay for it when there are other things to pay off like credit card bills, food, doctor’s bills, children, etc.

When one is in debt, people tend to jump to taking out a loan. Taking out a loan is not the right thing to do when one is in debt. True, it gives you the money you need in the moment but at the end of the day, it will be another bill you will have to pay off. And it will not just be another bill of the money you will have to pay back, but it will also include interest. In this case, when it is all said and done, you will end up being in more debt and will end up losing money in the long run.

Do not wait! Take care of your debt and talk to someone listed on the resources mentioned and they will be sure to guide you in the right direction!

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca is from El Salvador and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After graduating from East Chapel Hill High School, she enrolled in Durham Technical Community College and will be transferring to a four year university to pursue her degree in sociology. She is hoping to major in sociology, and minor in Spanish.

Her first hand view of people taking out loans and trying to pay through their college education has sparked her interest into learning more about finance and how to manage it.

She enjoys working with people spending time with her family and friends, and learning about different cultures by traveling!
Andrea Saca