How to Get Help with Rent in Arizona

The real estate in Arizona is very broad. Many people have chosen to live in houses or apartments that they have purchased. However, this can be a risky move since buying a home entails much more details and compromise.

A much better option that allows you to have less of a commitment is rent. However, it can sometimes be difficult to pay rent and make ends meet. Nowadays many people are constantly struggling to pay their bills and live a comfortable life.

If this sounds like your scenario, you are not alone. People all over Arizona and all over the United States are searching everywhere for financial guidance and assistance. Fortunately, there are many local non-profit organizations that offer services to anyone who is in any kind of debt. They will give you the support and help you need to better your finances and better your quality of life.

If you currently reside in Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, and you are looking to get some financial assistance you can contact Community Housing Partnership Phoenix. Their service is to provide programs that are going to improve the quality of life to residents, their children, and families. Additionally, they also want to provide permanent as well as affordable quality housing to very low-income individuals and families in Phoenix. If you would like to contact them, you can reach them at 602-253-6905. The Arizona Department of Housing also offers service like rental eviction prevention, mortgage foreclosure help, rental security and utility help deposits.

Currently, I have two uncles that live in Arizona. Their job entails flipping houses for a living. This means that they buy an old house that requires work put into it and they remodel it into a beautiful home. They change flooring, tear down walls and build them up, and modernize the whole thing.

Once they have remodeled the apartment or home, they both sell it for more money and make a profit, or they put it up for rent. As landlords, they have learned about the market and what they can do to provide tenants with a good quality home. They have also been able to see firsthand the work that these resources put in to help families, especially those with low income.

Another nonprofit organization that is located in Arizona is the Salvation Army Phoenix Central. This entails more of an emergency assistance program. If you live in Phoenix and want to work with the Salvation Army, call 602-553-0988. They would be glad to help with any financial need!

Note: Make sure that if you are looking for help paying rent, that you ensure that the organization is either a government agency or a bona fide nonprofit charity.

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca

Andrea Saca is from El Salvador and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After graduating from East Chapel Hill High School, she enrolled in Durham Technical Community College and will be transferring to a four year university to pursue her degree in sociology. She is hoping to major in sociology, and minor in Spanish.

Her first hand view of people taking out loans and trying to pay through their college education has sparked her interest into learning more about finance and how to manage it.

She enjoys working with people spending time with her family and friends, and learning about different cultures by traveling!
Andrea Saca