How to Get Help with Cell Phone Bills

Cell phones are almost a necessity now, often replacing landlines that many of us rarely use anymore. Still, as phones become more complex, so do their plans and pricing. If we are not careful, we can quickly find ourselves in trouble with a high payment that we cannot afford. There are programs that help with cell phone bills.

How to Reduce Cell Phone Bills

There are steps that you may take to reduce your bill. Some involve moving to a better plan. Depending on your situation though, you may qualify for lower cell phone bills through subsidies for lower income families.

How to Dispute Cell Phone Bills

Sometimes erroneous charges can hike your monthly bill to sky high levels. Even legitimate charges may be reduced through some direct negotiation. These tips on how to dispute cell phone bills can help you keep your payments at manageable levels.

Getting a Cell Phone with Bad Credit

If you have had credit challenges in the past, it may be more difficult for you to pass the credit check. Getting approved for a cell phone with bad credit may require a deposit of $500 or more. There are ways though that you can get around this requirement.

Free Cell Phones

If your household is considered low income, you may be surprised to learn that programs exist that provide free cell phones for low-income families. These programs can provide you with a much needed lifeline to those that may need to help in certain situations, including emergencies or other needs. Elderly or disabled individuals may be especially qualified for these programs.

Free Cell Phones for Battered Women

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, you may be eligible for programs that provide free cell phones for battered women. Such programs are designed to keep you in touch with 911 emergency services at the press of a button. Cost should not deny you safety when your life may be in danger.