0% APR Car Loans, Really?

The first important question to answer is: what is APR? Any kind of loan will include an interest rate. However, the interest rate does not include additional, hidden fees, insurance requirements, or other expenses. The combination of all of these is what makes up the APR, or annual percentage rate. In the Truth in Lending Act, the government not only simplified and made visible the other payments, it created a tool which allows consumers to compare prices and financing options more accurately and easily. “0% APR” says on the surface that the car loan you’re looking for doesn’t have any of these extra fees attached to it. Unfortunately, using low or 0% APR as an advertising strategy is very common, and if you don’t look at the fine print, you are likely to end up paying more than you bargained for. Continue reading

Legal Costs of DWI Defense are Staggering

Driving while impaired, or commonly known as a DWI, is the act of driving a motor vehicle with a blood level of alcohol exceeding the legal limit. Measure of the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC, is used to see if it exceeds the threshold that defines the offense. In many states, the Blood Alcohol Content legal limit is 0.10%. However, there are states who have adopted a lower limit of 0.08%. If the driver is cited for driving at or above this BAC limit, the individual will get into a lot of legal and financial trouble. The effects of a DWI are very stressful and costly, and can be avoided simply by taking a cab or getting a ride. If you are charged with a DWI, it is important to understand the legal costs to be defended. Continue reading

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?

Don’t Throw Bricks At Your TV – Or At Your Finances

One of the biggest topics in Washington – especially right now – is health insurance. When placed on big-ticket items such as, for example, a person’s life, your house, or even your car, buying insurance doesn’t just make sense, in some cases it’s required. Continue reading

The Benefits of Leasing Versus Buying a Car

Buying a new car can be an overwhelming experience for many people. There are so many options to choose from, different companies, different types, different models, different colors, and even different packages of accessories to go with it all. This gives consumers enough complexity to deal with before they even try to figure out how they are going to actually pay for it! One common question that comes up for individuals is whether or not to lease or outright buy the car. Examining this question shows that each have their benefits and costs and which is better depends on the individual consumer. Continue reading

Your First Car: PT2

In my last blog, I examined the first steps to buying a car out of college. After making a budget and doing some research, it is time to narrow the search down to a few cars to test drive and ultimately make a decision. This is the more exciting part of looking for a car, but it is also important to take your time to ensure you are making the best decision for your future. Continue reading

Your First Car: The In’s and Out’s of Buying a Car Out of College PT1

So you just graduated college, got your first job (if you are one of the lucky ones), and need a car. When it comes to getting a car for the “real world,” there are several factors you need to consider, including whether to buy a new or used car? I recently found myself in this situation as a fresh college graduate. The following are a few helpful tips I came up with from my experiences. Continue reading

Getting a Cheap Car Loan that Fits your Budget

A car is one of the most important things you own, so it is important to be sure that you are satisfied with everything about it. Along with this comes being satisfied with your payment for it. If you are not careful, you may get stuck with a car you like, but have no way to pay for it! There are several different aspects to car loans, but with a little preparation, it is easy to get a cheap car loan that will fit your budget. Continue reading

When should I refinance my car?

If you’re renting a car, you’ve taken out a loan and you’re making monthly payments. It is possible to change the amount you are paying, or refinance the loan, and there are times when a refinance would be advantageous to you. It isn’t for everyone, so determine if you need one before you get one. Continue reading

Auto Relief Group LLC Scam is Busted

The massive Auto Relief Group scam is finally busted. Auto Relief Group LLC advertised heavily on both the internet and television in 2009 and early 2010. By June 2010, this massive scam was shut down by regulators.

Jeffrey Taylor, Director of Sales of Auto Relief Group provided the following quote in a press release on January 29, 2010: Continue reading