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Do Students Need a Credit Card?

The many uses of credit cards come from the priorities of the user. However, in spite of their advantages, credit cards must be used with an air of caution and responsibility. In the case of students, do they need credit cards? Again, it depends. Continue reading

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?

Don’t Throw Bricks At Your TV – Or At Your Finances

One of the biggest topics in Washington – especially right now – is health insurance. When placed on big-ticket items such as, for example, a person’s life, your house, or even your car, buying insurance doesn’t just make sense, in some cases it’s required. Continue reading

Can I Get a Student Loan After Bankruptcy?

Let’s face it, college is expensive, and the economy isn’t helping too much either. If you have fallen victim to economic circumstances, you are certainly not alone, especially if you are a student. If you have filed for bankruptcy this early, it is still possible to get funding. Yes, you are able to get a student loan after bankruptcy. If taken care of in the most responsible and timely manner, you can save yourself from continued financial nightmares, and also attain a higher education. Continue reading

How are Volunteer Tax Preparers Certified?

Every year when the tax man comes around in April, people scramble to get their taxes done and done correctly. It is absolutely a time of stress. Not only is the process confusing and annoying, but you end up losing money because of it. The ironic side is that the better you prepare your taxes, the more money you might end up owing. People even make money off of their ability to prepare your taxes for cheap. Fortunately, there are professionals within the IRS program VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) who will help you with your tax reports. However, each of these professionals must be certified within the IRS itself. What does the certification in the program entail? Continue reading

Social Security Explained

Social Security was never meant to be something to be relied upon for retirement funds. Passed in 1935 as a part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal program, it soon became entrenched within American politics.

The program was essentially a forced version of budgeting during the turmoil of the Great Depression. By law, the federal government required employees to give them a certain percentage of paychecks. After a while, this amount of money would accumulate into a fund that could be used by the employee. The fund was never intended to be a permanent fixation in the federal budget, but as people came to be dependent on it as a means for retirement funds, the more strained Social Security became. Continue reading

Fake Money Isn’t Exactly Fit For Spending

One facet of Western Culture that permeates the most in our society is the need for instant gratification. What we can’t wait for, we want to have now. Fortunately, when we just gotta have what we just can’t afford, we can use money that just doesn’t exist – credit.

Credit is by no means a new concept. People have been surely handing out IOUs since the idea of “value” has existed. However, the idea of charging interest with credit is a more modern creation. Banks and credit card companies let consumers spend “money” with the idea that it’ll be paid back – with interest. This interest, coupled with financial irresponsibility, is what leads to crippling credit card debt. Continue reading

Get Rich, But Not Quick

So you want to be the next Bill Gates, but don’t necessarily want to revolutionize the computer industry in the process? It is absolutely possible to accumulate wealth, and it is absolutely possible to become financially stable and then some. The only problem is that you have to work in order to achieve this kind of financial awesomeness. You may not have to change the computing lives of everyone in the world, but you will absolutely have to work hard to get there. At the backbone of accumulating wealth is being responsible with your money. Continue reading

No Hidden Fees… For Real

As has been said a few times, credit lending and checking your credit scores are big deals. Peoples’ ability to take out loans and make purchases can be based entirely on a three digit number. So obviously your credit score is something worth managing and taking care of. However, if you do not care too much about paying for software or services that merely approximate your credit score, you might want to give a look. Continue reading

Being You: More Financially Secure Than Ever!

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? No, we are not embarking on a teenage existential rant. If you want to, that is your own business. I am referring to identity theft. A rising crime in America, identity theft, especially if left undetected for a long period of time, can wreak havoc on your finances. Often times, it is a long, complicated process to get your identity back. Continue reading