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Debtors Unite is a collaborative effort among financial counseling organizations to provide you with the tools and guidance to improve your financial situation. We find that banks and financial institutions put their own profit needs ahead of your needs, just as you put a higher priority on your own needs over theirs. To balance the odds,  we find that there is power in sharing information.

Debtors Unite is your credit and debt help advocate. We are committed to helping you find realistic solutions to your credit issues or debt problems. See why so many of our friends find the answers they need without having to pay for a debt settlement firm or attorney.

We can provide tips and insight on all sorts of financial concerns. For example, have you ever had your rights violated by debt collectors? I have, and I received $1,500 from the collection agency even though the debt was not mine! To find more tips like these, take a quick look at our latest financial posts.

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Feel free to share your successes and failures as you eliminate debt and improve your finances. If you feel that a creditor or debt collector has given you a raw deal, share your experiences. You just might help someone else with their situation.

We provide tips on a number of personal finance issues. Perhaps you need assistance with payday loans or a personal loan. Are you facing a repossession? Do you need credit card debt help? Get the answers you need while providing feedback to others. If you don’t find the answers that you need, feel free to ask a question. Your question just might be featured!

Much of the information found here can help with debt, credit, homeownership or even tax issues. While self help is our goal, we also have the backing of Accredited Financial Counselors that can help resolve some of the most difficult debt problems a family can face. We encourage you to visit often as our site is updated with new information on a daily basis. Take control of your debt before it controls you! Welcome to Debtors Unite!