TASC: The Association of Settlement Companies

The goal of TASC, The Association of Settlement Companies, is to bring together the interests of consumer debtors, debt settlement companies, and the government to improve the overall industry of debt settlement. This group was created in 2005 and has since worked to level the playing field between all three of the above units. TASC has also helped stop legislation in many states that would have prevented or seriously hindered the ability for debt settlement companies to operate in favor of the debtor.

TASC also created bylaws to help encourage a higher industry standard for debt settlement services. These are aimed to help give confidence to the public and those debtors who need the services of settlement companies as well as to give the industry an overall better name. With these laws in place, debtors feel surer that these companies can actually help them. TASC has brought the debt settlement industry and its benefit to the forefront and has legitimized it with customers by creating these bylaws to make it a more substantial practice to utilize.

The organization also offers a vast number of resources for those looking to know more about the process of debt settlement. TASC holds events across the nation for members to spread knowledge about debt settlement and how it can help those in need of a debt solution. They also have the answers to common questions on their website to help those who need information about both the company and the way that debt settlement solutions work.

Overall, TASC is a helpful organization for both debt settlement companies and those in debt who use these resources. Those looking for information about the debt settlement industry and its processes can find valuable information on the site as well as in person at the events hosted by the organization.

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