What is private mediation?

A private mediation is defined as the art of negotiating differences between two parties. These meetings are typically conducted by an impartial third party group and are used to resolve differences via an unbiased perspective.

Is private mediation for you?

Private mediation is a suitable candidate for your party if your party desires real-world results that can be attained via long-lasting agreements that will be constructed based on what is most beneficial and desirable to your party.

Private mediation can be utilized by individual persons, business enterprises and even families and other groups of organizations. Private mediation usually occurs to solve conflicts about contracts, guardianship, estates and trusts, property and land conflicts and conflicts between partnerships such is the case in a family-owned business.

How Mediation is organized

Just the very fact that mediation occurs because two parties are at a conflict makes the role of mediation somewhat difficult in real-world circumstances. Mediation is helpful because the third party is an experienced professional whom is able to assist in the processes of identifying problems and finding compromises and solutions to the aforementioned problems that arise during the mediation process.

After you choose a third party private mediator, all three parties typically meet in a conference room. The details are essentially hammered out. The length of the duration for these mediations depends on the situation. If both parties refuse to compromise, the mediation process could run indefinitely. However, if both parties agree to the mediation process and wish to quickly resolve all of their conflicts, the process could only be a few days.

How Private Mediation is Secure and Confidential

Unlike attending court cases, where the records are allowed to be viewed in the public domain, private mediation documents are protected by federal government law: they cannot be viewed by anyone who is not authorized. If you find that court is the only solution for your problems, then the documented created during the private mediation process cannot be used unless both parties agree to it.

How accurate is private mediation?

Private mediation works approximately 80-90% of the time. It’s not a specific guarantee because the process is as simple or as complex as the two parties who are in a dispute make it. If you believe that your party and your opponent can settle out of court during a private mediation process, then a private mediation option is a suitable option for your requirements.

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