House Bills

houseAre you overwhelmed with bills? Getting help with bills can make getting by a lot easier. Find out how to take advantage of federal, state and local resources available to help you pay your bills and shrink your payments.

Getting help with your house bills can bring about some huge savings on your monthly budget. It might not sound like much, but often just a few bucks of savings a day can lead to hundreds of dollars a month.

Rent/Mortgage Assistance

Falling behind on your rent can lead to an eviction with remarkable speed. Every state is different. Some states allow for a couple of months for the tenant to come up with the arrears. Other states allow your landlord to kick you out after just 3 days!

Resources are available in each state to assist with rent. Help for homeowners is also available, including assistance with mortgages and property tax.

Utility Bill Assistance

When utility bills begin to get out of control, you risk disconnection of service. Not only does this cause problems, it also results in extra fees–costs that you cannot afford to pay when you are already running short of funds.

Fortunately there are federal and local programs that can assist with electric bills and other utilities (gas, water). Get the help you need to either clear the arrears or cut your future bills.

Other aid programs can help cut telephone costs. Have you ditched your land line yet? Do you owe $500 or more to AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile or Sprint? Getting an “Obamaphone” is as easy as filling out a simple application. There are even ways to get cheaper internet.

Another option is to switch your cable provider. The best rates go to new customers. Savvy consumers switch back and forth between two providers every 1-2 years as soon as the promotional rates are ending.

Take the steps now to get in control of your monthly bills. Clearing up some room in your budget leaves you with more money for paying your debts and living a little.