How to dispute charges on your cell phone bill

Cell phones are increasingly an everyday—if not ever minute—part of our lives. Cell phone bills are often really complicated and the high costs and strange charges applied can often be very unexpected. Here are some tips to on how to dispute strange charges on your cell phone bill.

Start by having the bill and specific parts you want to dispute in front of you. Go over the bill, what you want changed, and how it should change the overall cost of the bill, specifically how much you should owe afterwards.

Always write down the names and times of individuals you speak to. If you feel like the person you are talking to does not have the power to give you the answer you are looking for you can always ask to speak with a manager. You can also try calling a different time, but “shopping” around for reps is often pointless because they can all pull up your call records and the notes on the conversation.When working with the company, always stay civil. Start by simply asking a question about the bill; do not immediately start arguing. Point out the specific problems as you see it with the bill and how you think it should have been. If there was a mistake they will more than likely fix it. If it turns out that the charge is due to something you did remain courteous, and try the hardship argument. Say that you didn’t realize that this action created charges on your bill, it was a mistake, and tell them how helping you out this one time would really be great. Often they will reduce the charges; if not erase them completely because businesses survive off of customer service.

In the end, try to remember that they want to work with you, not lose you as a customer. Always be polite and to the point. Also, be sure to have a direct reason and plan for your call. If all else fails, send letters to upper managements or complain to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). With a little patience, it is usually possible to find someone who wants to work with you, not against you.

Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell

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Ashley Russell

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