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Credit lending is serious business – nothing else legal in this world has let people spend quite as much money as credit has. If you are a responsible consumer, your credit is something that needs to be maintained and taken care of… kind of like a lawn. If it’s too high, people won’t trust you. If it’s too low, nobody will respect you. Bad puns aside, because the credit lending business is serious, the credit score-checking business also is.

Because of this fact, many companies have created easy-to-use software to make it easier to keep track of your credit score. One such service is known as Credit Karma.

Upon looking for reviews of this website, it is hard to find negative reviews of this service. You go to the website, where you sign up. Upon signing up, you enter some private information (which is really one of the only negatives of the free service, but it makes sense. Just be careful who you give your information to, especially on the internet), and you instantly have access to your credit information.

However, one caveat emptor is that the score they provide is not your real credit score. They calculate the score they provide based on the factors that would normally affect your official score. One reviewer reported that the score Credit Karma gave him is usually slightly higher than his real one.

There are a few factors that separate Credit Karma from the other credit score services. First and foremost is the fact that it lets you compare your score to the national average. The service also lets you see how credit lenders generally feel about your type of score. Credit Karma also gives you a graph to see at what point your score lowered or increased.

The best factor, however, is that the service is completely and totally free. Upon the writing of the review I am citing, the service bragged having 275,000 users and having reported 850,000 free credit reports.

According to the reviews I managed to find online, Credit Karma appears to be a quite legit, free, accurate credit score service.

Note: is free from the expensive credit monitoring services that most commercial free credit score providers push as a condition of a free score. There is no charge for this service and no automatic enrollment in any other service.

Chris Buchheit

Chris Buchheit

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