Is Community Tax Relief a scam or completely ripping me off?

(Request from Rick and Erin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) I’m trying to get help with 3 years of back taxes, I called community tax relief llc, and got some info and prices. $499 for the first step and somewhere around $900-$1200 for the next part depending on what all was involved with my case, if a lot then closer to the $1200. I went and had them do phase 1 @$499. Now going forward into the next step in this, they are now telling me it will be $4850, way more then we were told in the beginning. Is there any help, information, anything you can tell me about this company and my situation I’m now in. Please Help, don’t know what to do, already out $499. Is Community Tax Relief llc a scam or ripping me off completely…I just don’t know. Continue reading

How to Get Help with Tax Bills

Tax bills can represent one of most difficult types of debt to recover from. You can get hit from federal, state and even local tax authorities with bills that can be extremely difficult to repay. Unlike other consumer debt, you cannot eliminate most tax debt through a bankruptcy filing. Fortunately, you can get help with tax bills, but not necessarily from the sources that you might think. Continue reading

How to Get Help with Property Taxes

Depending on where you live, property taxes can become a major expense. City dwellers already must pay both city and county portions as a part of their property tax bill. Some states, like New York have exceptionally high property taxes that can put undue pressure on lower income homeowners who may live on a fixed income. There are however ways that you can get help with property taxes. Continue reading

IRS debt settlement may be possible without an attorney

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you’re not automatically going to jail, so don’t fret. If you can’t pay the full amount, don’t panic about this, either. There are many different debt settlement options for you. Yes, you can get a settlement on your taxes just like you can with any other type of unsecured debt. Continue reading

Error reporting your income tax information? File Form 1040X

With the country’s tax code as jumbled as a plate of spaghetti, it’s an inevitability that you will make a mistake.  Whether it’s a forgotten W-2 or the wrong number of dependents, your completed 1040 form may have something you want to fix.  You need to get the information right because incorrect financial information could trigger an audit.  Who knows, you might be owed more than you expected in refunds.  In the case of an error in your tax forms, you need to make an amendment by filing Form 1040X. Continue reading

After the tax deadline

It’s a week after the income tax deadline, and many of you may not have filed.  Many of you may have also not paid your taxes in full or a portion of your taxes.  There are penalties for both, but don’t go pulling out your hair just yet.  First, almost half of Americans owe no federal income taxes because of having a low income or a large amount of deductions.  Second, the penalty amount is not even that high (in the beginning, at least).  And third, you may have an opportunity for a deadline extension.  This article will show you why not to fret if you are late with filing taxes. Continue reading

Pointers for Avoiding Audits

Say “IRS audit”, and you’ll make sword-swallowers and Mt. Everest climbers cringe. Having your personal life numerically reviewed by a stranger, is, well… it’s the root canal of the financial world. Continue reading

Consider This When Getting Tax Debt Settlement Help

Owing more money than you can afford to pay is scary. Owing that money to the government can be even scarier. While you may know that an Offer in Compromise is the only way to settle with the IRS for less than what you owe, what you may not know is that there is tax debt settlement help. But when dealing with money, you need to be careful who you ask for assistance. This is especially true if the government is involved. Continue reading

How to Engage in Tax Settlement Strategies

You know what they say; there are two things that are inevitable in life: death and taxes. And if you’ve gotten behind on the latter, the IRS provides various kinds of tax settlement options for you to avoid the former for your finances. Tax settlement occurs when those behind on their taxes reach a deal with the IRS in which they decrease their debt, extend their payment period or work out a new payment plan. There are two main categories of tax settlement options available: those that reduce the amount you owe, and those that do not. Here, I’ll outline the basic kinds of settlement and the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

The 6 Tax Debt Solutions (and 1 Last Resort)

While debt can be daunting period, it can be even more dreadful when it’s the government you owe money. Whether the sum is large or small, you should not panic. There are a few tax debt solutions, at least one of which should work for your situation. Continue reading