The average CEO makes over 350 times the average worker

There have been numerous ideas on how to boost our sluggish economy.  The most recent idea has been austerity, or cutting back on government-funded programs.  A 2010 study promoting austerity was recently debunked by a Harvard graduate student, thanks to him spotting “Microsoft Excel” errors.  Slashing government programs will not create growth.  Slashing CEO pay, however, will.  The average CEO is paid over 350 times the amount of an average worker.  This, combined with stagnant wages and inflation, is a big reason why the average Joe is finding it more difficult to make ends meet. Continue reading

Staying Financially Secure When Applying for Disability

Although a prudent financial planner sets aside some of their assets for the proverbial rainy day when he or she may need them, there’s no predicting whether one may become afflicted with a disability in the future. The limitations created by a serious condition can not only impair your mobility and alter your lifestyle but can also restrict your ability to earn income. Thankfully, there are social safety nets out there to help you should such an unfortunate event befall you. Even if you are not disabled, it’s good to know how to access these support networks and garner the benefits they provide since none of us can know when we or someone we love may need them. Continue reading

Effects of PCS on Military Families

A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) occurs when a military member moves from one duty station to another, usually taking their families with them. Moving frequently is known to be one of the greatest stressors, but for military families, who typically can expect to move an average of every three years, this effects is magnified. Specifically, these multiple relocations can have detrimental effects on the careers of the military spouses as it may lead to fewer job opportunities, less training, and lower wages. Continue reading

Don’t let unemployment keep you down

Let’s face it. Unemployment is a bummer. I’m not even talking about financial hardship. The psychological and social burden of unemployment weighs just as much as the economic. Millions of Americans know this after sending out hundreds of résumés and applications and finding virtually nothing available that suits their skills and experience.

As a recent college graduate in the job market, I’m quickly becoming acquainted with the feeling. It’s hard to resist the urge to telekinetically strangle the talking heads in the news media railing on the lazy unemployed trying to steal the hard-earned wealth of decent hard working Americans. The truth is that unemployment can be hard, dreary, tedious, and oftentimes seemingly futile work. Unfortunately, telekinesis remains far beyond my skill set. Continue reading

What are unemployment benefits?

The state regulates unemployment insurance funds under federal guidelines that protect workers who find themselves jobless. These funds may become available to you if you lose your job, providing you with financial assistance. This compensation will be available for a limited time, to support you during your search for new employment. Continue reading