Alternatives to Credit Cards

Most Americans have credit cards nowadays.  That being said, a lot of those people also have credit card debt.  Credit cards can be helpful if you have an emergency or otherwise need to purchase something you do not have cash for, but they can also be dangerous if you do not have the money to pay them off.  The good news is that there is no requirement that you have a credit card, or that you use one for most purchases.  There are some alternatives to credit cards you can also use. Continue reading

Upstanding Deadbeats Disliked by Credit Card Companies

Deadbeats are generally considered to be worthless. Your neighbor who never returned those hedge-trimmers he borrowed from you two summers ago. That mom who drops her kids off for “sleepovers” when all she really wants is a free babysitter. Your own son who missed mowing the lawn for the third Saturday in a row. All deadbeats. Continue reading

Do Authorized Users Benefit?

When you open up a credit card account, you have the option of adding authorized users to that account. Authorized users are allowed to use the credit card at will, and can share some of the benefits credit card customers may receive. While becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card may sound like a great idea, there are also many drawbacks to having that power. Continue reading

How to Repair My Credit

How to repair my credit? It is a query that troubles the minds of millions who are dealing with the devastating consequences of debt. It is also a phrase that is searched on the Internet with increasing frequency, triggering nearly 10 million hits on Google alone. Nonetheless, the apparent wealth of information about credit repair conceals a large number of people whose advice may either confuse or capitalize upon those seeking to rebuild their lives. Continue reading

Can You Estimate Your Credit Score?

You already know that you need to have good credit. Do you know that it is almost as important to know your credit score? While you can receive your credit score for free once a year, you shouldn’t ask for it too often because those queries can cost you money and show up on your credit report. Since it is preferable to know your credit score before you apply to receive credit, you may want to try to estimate your credit score. But is that really a good idea? Continue reading

How To Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit

There are a lot of people in today’s society who are in a constant struggle with bad credit. Unfortunately, this can show up on your credit report. Landlords and apartment complexes are a few of the many businesses that use your credit to decide whether or not to let you borrow money or services. Of course it is helpful to have a good score, but do not get too worried if you have a bad credit score. Continue reading

Getting a store credit card with bad credit

With the holiday season in full swing, you will be shopping in department stores a bit more than usual. You’ll also hear this question a lot: “Would you like to sign up for a store credit card?” The first time you hear this question, you should decline the offer. When you get home, you should go to the store’s website and check out information about their store credit card. As with any other credit card, there may be benefits, but there may also be drawbacks, so do the research before getting one. Continue reading

Finding the Best Credit Card: Which Option is Right for Me?

Although some consumers may suffer from over reliance on credit cards, they do have some benefits. By making regular monthly payments, cardholders are able to establish a credit history. Having a positive track record can come in handy when seeking future loans, such as for a home. In addition, credit cards can have other advantages – like the ability to earn spending rewards after charging a certain amount of money to the card. Continue reading

Getting a Cell Phone with Bad Credit

Getting a cell phone with bad credit is actually quite similar to getting a credit card with bad credit. With a cell phone plan, you most often get a limit on how many minutes you can talk, just as a credit card has a limit on how much you can charge it. Your cell phone also might not get service everywhere, just as some credit cards are not accepted in every store. You can also get a prepaid cell phone plan, just as you can get a prepaid credit card. Here are some ways to get a cell phone with bad credit. Continue reading

Sizing Up the Credit Score Scale

Singing pirates aside, you should always keep an eye on your credit report, which you can see once a year from one of the three credit reporting agencies for free per American law. Some states will let you see it as often as you want, still free. This only helps, however, if you understand what the credit score scale means. Continue reading