Adversary proceeding may discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy

The reason that student loans are not discharged in bankruptcy is not because it is impossible. Bankruptcy lawyers normally opt not to include an adversary proceeding as a part of your bankruptcy, which would be necessary if you were to eliminate your student loans through bankruptcy.

Everyone knows that student loans are generally not able to be cancelled through a bankruptcy filing. Of course, 600 years ago everyone knew that the world was flat rather than round.

It is true that a basic bankruptcy filing will not result in removing your liability for repaying your student loans. However, most lawyers fail to explain that a process known as an adversary proceeding could result in getting a discharge of student loans.

The reason for the omission is simple. Because you are broke, lawyers expect that you will not be able to afford the additional fees that would be incurred. The costs of an adversary proceeding could be much higher ($5,000 or more) than the costs of your bankruptcy filing itself. There is no guarantee that their efforts would be successful either. Still, for substantial student loan debts, it could be a worthwhile endeavor given the potential upside of getting some relief from repayment.

The American Bankruptcy Law Journal noted a study that found only 213 attempts by student loan debtors to discharge their student loans through bankruptcy in 2007. Of those, 30 were granted a partial discharge. 51 received a full discharge of their student loans!

The 213 attempts were out of 170,000 total bankruptcies by those who owed student loans. One estimate was that 69,000 of those who filed may have had a good chance of getting some relief from their student loans had they attempted a discharge through an adversary proceeding. While this may be an overly optimistic estimate, it does show the potential student loan debt relief that is not even attempted in the vast majority of cases.

Does the study imply that you should attempt to get your student loan discharged through bankruptcy? That is a possibility. However, you should note that there are 3 essential conditions that bankruptcy courts examine during this process.

  1. Have you made a good faith effort to repay your student loans when you were able?
  2. Are you currently able to afford repayment of your student loans, or would your other expenses take up too much of your current income to allow for a minimally acceptable standard of living?
  3. Do you expect to struggle financially on a permanent basis?

There is no guarantee that you would be a candidate for student loan discharge through bankruptcy. Adversary proceedings are complicated and expensive as well. Based on the complexities involved, it is recommended that you seek competent legal advice if you feel that you might qualify for some student loan relief through your bankruptcy filing. Only a qualified and experienced attorney can tell you for sure. Based on the limited number of attempts to discharge student loan debt, it may be difficult for you to find an attorney who is truly experienced in the process.

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